Term Ends: Saturday 26 May 2018

No Classes: Sunday 27 May – Mon 4 June

Term Starts: Tuesday 5 June 2018

Term Ends: Saturday 28 July 2018

No Classes: Sunday 29 July – Mon 3 September

Term Starts: Tuesday 4 September 2018

Term Ends:Saturday 27 October 2018

No Classes: Sunday 28 October – Mon 5 November

Term Starts: Tuesday 6 November 2018

End of Year Show – Sunday 16 December 2018

Term Ends:Sunday 16 December 2018

No Classes: Monday 17 December – Mon 7 January

Term Starts: Tuesday 8 January 2019


Outside of L'areeva allocated holidays throughout the year, (see class dates) each pupil may take up to 2 additional dancing week’s personal holiday per annum, without incurring the usual lesson fees. In order to request your personal holiday - a holiday form must be completed, handed in and signed off by principals before the last week of the month (this is when invoices are generated for the month ahead). Holiday forms are available at every session.

Dates may change throughout the year - please check the weekly notice board in the school waiting area on a regular basis.

Please Note - if you have not submitted your form before invoices are generated and emailed out, you will not receive any deduction from your fees.